God’s House Tower, Market Analysis to support a HLF Round 2 application

Client: a-space

Dates: 2014/15

Budget: £2.4 m

Project description: God’s House Tower

God’s House Tower is a vacant 700 year old Grade II* listed building in the heart of Southampton.

I worked as an Associate of CCN for the arts organisation ‘a space’ who were planning to turn the building into a new vibrant sustainable cultural venue for the city in an area that has been identified for cultural regeneration.

We helped shape, develop and detail the development phase of the project for HLF Round 2, offering excellent value for money, through a package of work encompassing the Activity Plan, learning and interpretation strategy, market analysis, business plan and fundraising.

Our work involved developing activities to build on ‘a space’s arts audiences to bring the amazing stories God’s House Tower can tell to new people, blending artist led interpretation with archival research, using song, dance and performance by local partners including local Friend’s groups in the City and the University.

My role was to undertake a comprehensive market analysis to test what Gods House Tower could offer various audiences and work with the rest of the team to develop visitor projections and a marketing strategy and implementation plan to underpin the business plan.

The project was awarded £1.7 m from the HLF in 2014.