Evaluation of exhibitions across London museums

Client: London Museums Hub

Dates: 2005-06

Budget: n/a

Project: Evaluation of exhibitions across London museums

This audience development project involved a number of partners including the Horniman Museum & Gardens, Cuming Museum, Wandsworth Museum, Grange Museum and Geffrye Museum who were curating a series of exhibitions which were designed to draw in existing and new audiences. The Hub wanted to understand who was visiting, why and more about their visitor experience.

My role was to develop and roll out surveys across the different organisations including the successful West Indian Front Room and Home & Garden exhibitions at the Geffrye Museum, Caribbean Identities exhibition at the Old Dispensary in Stratford, Newham which was inspired by the Horniman’s collections and created by members of The Dominica (UK) Association and the Amazon to Caribbean and Caribbean Currents exhibitions at the Horniman.

I developed a survey which could collect core information across all of the exhibitions and venues and was also flexible enough to collect additional information which the partners wanted. I coordinated the data collection, analysed the findings and prepared individual reports on each of the exhibitions as well as a summary reporting drawing together the findings across all of the projects.