Survey of the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery

Client: Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dates: 2005-2006

Budget: n/a

Project: Survey of the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery

I was asked by the Head of Marketing & Communications at the time if I would like to work with the Gallery’s separate charity, the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery to develop and roll out a survey of their members. They had recently had a very successful recruitment drive increasing their membership from 4,000 to 6,000.

I developed a questionnaire that would collect geo-demographic information from members, better understand why people joined and retained their membership, what had prompted them to join and how they use their membership, when and with whom.

We also explored what they value most about their membership and what other memberships they hold so the Friends had a better understanding of what schemes they might be benchmarking the Friends at DPG scheme against. I was also commissioned in 2007 to undertake a visitor survey to explore more about general visitors, how they found out about the Gallery and their visitor experience.