Bevis Marks: Britain’s Most Significant Synagogue

Client: S&P Sephardi Community

Dates: 2018/19

Budget: £4 m

Project: Bevis Marks: Britain’s Most Significant Synagogue

Bevis Marks Synagogue was built in 1701. It was the first synagogue erected in England after the resettlement of 1656. Today it is the oldest synagogue still in use in the United Kingdom. Grade I listed, it is of exceptional historic interest and has hardly been altered from its original arrangement. Its intact Wren-style interior also makes it a significant part of the historic landscape of London. The community also has an exceptional collection and archive and two cemeteries in East London.

This project will restore parts of the Synagogue’s fabric, improve access, install a small exhibition to enhance understanding of Bevis Marks and display some of the community’s treasures. Visitor access, facilities and a programme of activities will enhance the visitor experience. I developed the Activity Plan for the project, consulting with the local community, local residents, heritage attractions in the City, visitors and potential partners. Subject to a Delivery Phase Heritage Fund grant being awarded a five year programme of activities including an oral history project, touring exhibition, outreach project with children in Tower Hamlets, Family Sundays and schools programme will be rolled out. Opening hours will be extended and visitors will have the opportunity to go on more tours and access a range of accessible interpretation. The project will also create three internships and a range of new volunteering opportunities. I also developed an Evaluation Framework and undertook the formal evaluation of the Development Phase.