Fact Finding Mission into Museums, British Council, Taipei

Client: British Council, Taipei

Dates: 2006

Budget: n/a

Project: Searching for Excellence, Fact Finding Mission into Museums, British Council, Taipei, Taiwan

Myself and Marilyn Scott, an associate of Alix Slater Consultancy & Training Ltd. were commissioned by the UKTI to go to Taiwan to share our experiences and advise Taiwanese museum professionals on marketing and fundraising.

We visited a number of museums across Taiwan to see their practice first hand, met with staff in small groups and ran a workshop in Taipei at the end of our visit reflecting on our experiences and putting forward suggestions for the Taiwanese museum sector.

We also contributed to a dual language publication (English/Mandarin) that was launched at the ICOM International Committee on Management 2006 Annual Meeting in Taiwan in November of the same year where I was invited to present a paper based on our report and sit on a number of panels.